Testimonials for Dr. Peter Gold

UF Post Doctoral Psychology Residents 

“Dr. Gold, thank you so much for being an exceptional supervisor this past year. You’ve been an ear to listen to and always supported me as a budding clinician. You have always heard me out and supported me in my clinical ventures. I appreciate you always advocating for me and my best interest as your supervisee, I will take the wisdom you’ve imparted with me as I move on in the world of being a ‘Licensed Psychologist.’ Thank you for everything.” 

-Dr. K   

“Dr. Gold, I appreciate all the support and guidance from you the last 3 years here at UF. Accepting me as a post doc in 2018 was truly a blessing as it allowed me to grow professionally as well as be in my hometown with my family. You have been a significant part of my career and I am grateful for that. Please keep in touch, Stay healthy and well. All the best.” 

-Dr. C  

UF Post Doctoral Psychology Residents 

“Dear Dr. Gold, thank you so much for hosting us during this rotation. It was a valuable educational experience and I got to learn in settings I haven’t worked before. I was nervous at first but your kindness has helped me feel so welcome at Vero Beach. My only regret is I didn’t get to work with you more often, but I will definitely be recommending this rotation to many students in the future.”  


“Dr. Gold, I have enjoyed my time here in Vero Beach and have learned so much during my sessions with you. I am grateful for your kindness and your willingness to help teach and instruct me. You have been a great example of professionalism and you have done so much to take care of the students. Thank you again for everything.” 


“Dear Dr. Gold, thank you so much for taking your time to mentor me. I can’t thank you enough for sorting out my schedule and helping me when my mom had surgery. I know organizing, managing the rotation takes a great deal of time, energy and effort and I appreciate your support throughout this process. You are a great mentor, leader, Psychologist, and overall a good human being, and I cherish the knowledge you shared with me. It has been an unparalleled pleasure and honor having to know you and I enjoyed the rotation very much. Thank you.” 


Patients/Family Members 

“Dear Dr. Gold, there has been an awakening in my husband’s mind and spirit. I believe he has come to a true and real understanding of what happened in the past and now. I feel we are moving forward. His actions are proving this, Thank you for helping him and in turn helping me.” 


“Dear Dr. Gold, thank you for not giving up on me You are lovely and kind. I truly feel safe here. To sum it up, thank you for being you. Don’t ever change.” 


“Dr. Gold, just a note to say thank you again for your time and for listening to all my problems, good and bad, all the drama and traumatic experiences in my life, The time you spent with you is very important to me, Thanks so much for everything.” 


“Dear Dr. Gold, thank you so much for helping me with my anxiety. You are a good listener and I enjoy our talk sessions. You always give me good advice.” 


“Dear Dr. Gold, may this letter serve as a thank you, for your work with our son. I assume you don’t always hear about what ensues once patients leave from your services, but I wanted to update you. My son attributes being able to talk to you as a defining time to work toward and accomplish many of his goals. He may find his way back to your office one day…but right now he is feeling empowered in navigating his own way. When he came to you at UF for psychiatric and psychological services he was depressed, anxious and suffering from an inertia…not sure how to navigate his future wearing the cloak of Aspergers Syndrome and its often-difficult symptoms. And as parents, we were at a loss how to help him as well. Goals were developed…simple ones, yet important. Volunteering at the Humane Society, working towards a driver’s license. Now, he is 4 classes away from graduating with his Associate’s degree, he is taking a full load and has switched his major from Biology to Math. He is currently on the Dean’s list. He successfully got his driver’s license and also bought a reliable car. He wants to continue on with his BS in Math. On his own, he has been earning different computer source codes, and has finished developing a small app for computers/phones. He is working towards learning more coding, with the goal of doing some work for a local software company. He has been swimming on a regular basis and loves to experiment with baking breads, Yep, bread! But most important…he is happy. Sure there are, and will continue to be, bumps in the road, but he is really learning to navigate them with a presence and a grace….and a sense of empowerment. His story will continue to unfold, but I wanted to thank you, you may not have known it…but you have truly made a difference.” 

-A Grateful Mom 

“Dear Dr. Gold, thank you so much for everything. I don’t think you know how much a difference you have made in our lives.” 


“Dear Dr. Gold, many thanks for your support and help regarding my sons annual plan this year. Thanks you so much for your letter as I will attach it and forward to the Judge, much appreciated.” 

-D & A.